#1 AI Technical
Center for
Service Teams

  • 100x faster service ticket completion times

  • Reduce on-site service escalations to zero

  • Resolve 98% self-service cases automatically

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Use Cases

Mobile version

AI Support Center for Technicians
and Customers

Resolve service requests 100x faster

How it works

  1. Partners or agents ask questions to the AI.
  2. They receive step-by-step guide and source references
    to resolve their problem.
  3. Works with any question - including difficult escalation questions.


Resolve 98% requests coming
to your service hotline or CRM automatically.​

3x increase technical support capacity to
customers and partners.​

Improve customer and
service partner satisfaction.



Resolve 98% of your customer tickets

How it works

  1. Fully autonomous AI Agent
    that replaces the traditional contact form.
  2. Answers 98% of customer questions automatically.
  3. If customers need more help, they’re sent to a customer support agent.


98% of customer tickets

Save money on hiring and training new service agents.

Improved customer

Web version

How Service Assistant AI Works?

1. AI organizes and understands your internal knowledge

It integrates your knowledge articles, from documentation to videos, and prepares answers to questions about any of your products or services.

2. Instantly answer any service question 

Is a technician on-site for a repair job? Does a customer need to update their firmware? Service Assistant AI instantly answers any service question to makes sure your employees have the relevant documentation to quickly resolve any case.

3. Integrates with your service tools

Service Assistant AI integrates with the tools you use today, such as SalesForce or Zoho or connects to your system using Service Assistant API.


Service Assistant AI

Works in 20+ languages

Innential proprietary technology hosted in Germany

Compatible with phones, tablets, and laptops

Works with any data source(PDFs, XML, CSV, JSON, etc.)

DSVGO (GDPR) compliant

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Dan Carter, CRO

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Kris Gunciarz, CEO